"Good people, good times"

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Who am I

I'm Nick Bender, I'm a computer science student at the University of Colorado Boulder. I build and learn. I love to learn and my favorite way to learn is through building. A lot of my repositories are records of me learning something on my own for school work. There are some more cheeky projects in there too, mosty arising from times I found myself with some free time and an itch to build something.

How I got here

Where I am now started with a joke during summer school when I joked about building a small robot to roam around the engineering building at CU and knock over trash cans. I deigned and built a crude prototype, then a professor told me to to take a robotics class. The robotics class had us build software to race a small car around a hall way. In the class we learned about core robotics concepts and we had to build path finding algorithms, kalman filters, and even implement realtime object detection. Autonomy is one hell of a drug. I ended up as part of the CU sub terranian challenge team and taking another robotics class where we were allowed to design and build our own robot and our own midterm and final. Taking the knowledge from the previous class we built a robot that would move around our campus autonomously. Through reading for this class I also found myself deeply interested in deep reinforcement learning and its application to robotics. Thats where My story ends in the fall of 2019, however there is adventure on the horizon, so I know this section will get longer in the future.