Nikolaas Bender

Creator - Researcher - Learner



Professionally I am a roboticist, building robots particularly on the software side. I have a history of full stack web development which includes front end UX, mid layer servers, and database work. I am particularly interested with robotics in adversarial environments, such as self driving. The problem of autonomous vehicles is a challenge I particularly enjoy as it is a seemingly insurmountable challenge and for some twisted reason that only makes me want to work on it more. I have a deep seeded desire to keep challenging myself with new problems.

Personally I am a maker and a learner. I have been building since a young age. I am also an avid cyclist, racing cross country, enduro, and downhill mountain biking. I am also a martial artist with a history in MMA and other traditional styles. I love working out as it takes the weight off of my shoulders and lays it out in front of me, to that biking and fighting are some of the most fun ways to workout besides keeping my self discipline skills and my mind sharp.


Languages and Frameworks